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Great Expectations President Will Speak

Reported by the Ponca City News

TAHLEQUAH – Dr. Linda Dzialo has been invited to attend next week’s Schools for Tomorrow Conference, an exclusive event hosted by The New York Times that brings together the brightest minds in education, technology, government and business. Dr. Dzialo is president and CEO of Oklahoma-based Great Expectations, a non-profit foundation that provides intensive professional training to teachers and administrators. The foundation’s school transformation model, Great Expectations, emphasizes academic excellence and a climate of mutual respect.
The by-invitation-only event on Sept. 13 is designed to promote dialogue and action in the education sector, focusing on the school of the future. Approximately 400 influential leaders from both public and private sectors, including educators, government officials, philanthropists and investors, will come together for this one-day conference. Through head-to-head debates, panel discussions, keynote presentations, case studies and brainstorming sessions, attendees will explore the answer to this question: What can we, as government, as private sector and as parents, do to create and support the best teachers possible?
“The Schools for Tomorrow Conference embodies the group approach we need take in order to support our teachers and, ultimately, our students,” said Dr. Dzialo. “Great Expectations has been successful at transforming schools and inspiring educators through our professional training programs, and I’m honored to have a seat at the table during these important conversations.”
Over 40,000 educators have attended Great Expectations training since 1991, and more than 200,000 students are taught by Great Expectations teachers every year.
Great Expectations is a school transformation model that emphasizes a climate of mutual respect and academic excellence. Founded in 1991, the non-profit foundation provides intensive professional training to teachers and administrators that promotes improved student self-esteem, attendance, discipline and parent participation – all of which result in improved student achievement. Great Expectations has a presence throughout Oklahoma and seven other states.
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