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Transforming an Educator and a Student

From a teacher to instructor for a whole district, Diana Saylak’s life was changed the first day of Great Expectations training.
First Impression
About 20 miles outside of downtown Dallas, Texas stands Coppell, a landlocked city of 40,000 people. Diana Saylak calls Coppell home and where she began renewing her passion to teach.
During the summer of 2006, Saylak took a position with a new elementary school.

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GE Impacts Student Learning

National Board Certification is absolutely the most rigorous professional development I have ever gone through. The process mandates a deep level of reflectiveness and analyzing of lesson design. At the heart of everything throughout the process is the question, “How does this impact student learning?” As I attended Great Expectations for the second time in my career, I realized everything about Great Expectations truly IMPACTS student learning.

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Case Study – OKCPS Andrew Johnson Elementary

During Margaret Simpson’s first year as the principal at Johnson Elementary, she gathered a leadership team of educators to sit down and discuss how the school was going to change. The team created a three-year plan that included becoming a Great Expectations Model School. The first step was for staff members to attend a Great Expectations methodology course in order to be trained in the best practices and classroom principals.

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Creating a Culture of Learning, Growth and Life Skills

Principal builds a new school from the ground up with the help of Great Expectations
Laying the Foundation
Hired as principal before Bailey Middle School was even built, Veronica Vijil began at the ground level. You can even find her handprint in the concrete floor of the gym-area boys’ restroom at the Spring, Texas school. As Vijil began establishing a culture within the school, a main question was how their professional development would be carried out.
After talking with a colleague…

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Texas District Creates a Common ‘Language’ with Great Expectations

Northgate Crossing Elementary community rallies around methodology that builds positive atmosphere
Northgate Crossing Elementary School opened in 2008 in Spring, Texas, with more than 700 students. It was the 29th elementary school in the district, but Northgate stood out for all the right reasons in the community and state after its first year.
Amy Elkins was fresh out of college when she began at Northgate Crossing Elementary School as a third grade teacher. When the principal told her they we…

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Great Expectations Turns Skeptics into Believers

Assistant principal applies Great Expectations to relate to students, fellow teachers
Lifelong Experience
Kristin Falcon, assistant principal at Anderson Elementary School in Spring Independent School District, engages Great Expectations in her leadership every day. Although her current school doesn’t yet widely utilize use the practices…

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Chrissy Willard, Principal Claremore Roosa ES

Great Expectations has helped our staff maintain our focus on our “why” during such a challenging time in our state. No matter what challenges come our way in education, we are all here to transform students’ lives through education. GE provides the tools and supports needed for teachers to reach all children and create a sage and loving environment where students feel confidents, successful, and focused.

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